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    • Frankenplace: An Application for Similarity-Based Place Search 

      Adams BT; McKenzie G (2012)
      When experiencing or describing a new place people will often compare it against other places that they already know. However, this human attention to the simultaneous similarities and differences between places is not ...
    • Freeze view touch and finger gesture based interaction methods for handheld augmented reality interfaces 

      Bai, H.; Lee, G.A.; Billinghurst, M. (University of Canterbury. Human Interface Technology Laboratory, 2012)
      Interaction techniques for handheld mobile Augmented Reality (AR) often focus on device-centric methods based around touch input. However, users may not be able to easily interact with virtual objects in mobile AR scenes ...
    • Frequency adaptive repetitive control of grid-connected inverters 

      Nazir, R.; Zhou, K.; Watson, N.R.; Wood, A. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2014)
      Grid-connected inverters (GCI) are widely used to feed power from renewable energy distributed generators into smarter grids. Repetitive control (RC) enables such inverters to inject high quality fundamental-frequency ...
    • A frequency domain analytical model of an uncontrolled single phase voltage source rectifier 

      Laird, H.; Round, S.D.; Duke, R.M. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering., 2000)
      The harmonic currents generated by the single-phase rectifier are well known. As the levels of these currents become larger, the use of power conditioners such as shunt active filters to lower the levels is becoming ...
    • Frequency-dependent A.C. system equivalents for harmonic studies and transient convertor simulation 

      Watson, N. R. (University of Canterbury. Electrical Engineering, 1987)
      This thesis describes the algorithms developed for synthesizing frequency matched a.c. system equivalents for use with a Transient Convertor Simulator program. Two synthesis methods are outlined, with the merits of each ...
    • Fresh Perspectives, Powerful Contributions 

      Centre for Advanced Engineering (Centre for Advanced Engineering, University of Canterbury, 2007)
      Review of CAE programmes and projects 1988-2007
    • From Fiction to Science - A cultural reflection on social robots 

      Bartneck C (2004)
      This paper reflects on the culture of human-robot interaction. A review of common concepts in movies and literature is presented and their relation to scientific work is discussed. Two new research directions on the ...
    • From Modelling Domain knowledge to Metacognitive Skills: Extending a Constraint-based Tutoring System to Support Collaboration 

      Baghaei, N.; Mitrovic, A. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering.University of Canterbury. UC Opportunity., 2007)
      Constraint-based tutors have been shown to increase individual learning in real classroom studies, but would become even more effective if they provided support for collaboration. COLLECT-UML is a constraint-based ...
    • From Sapling to Maturity - Exploring Structural Diversity in Urban Forests 

      Morgenroth, J.; Nowak, D. (University of Canterbury. School of Forestry, 2015)
      This presentation explores large trees in cities, whether they are present in high numbers or are under threat. While species selection and species diversity are addressed frequently in urban forestry discussions, less ...
    • From theory to practice: An overview of MIMO space-time coded wireless systems 

      Gesbert, D.; Shafi, M.; Shiu, D-S.; Smith, P.J.; Naguib, A. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering., 2003)
      This paper presents an overview of recent progress in the area of multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) space–time coded wireless systems. After some background on the research leading to the discovery of the enormous ...
    • From Tutoring to Cognitive Rehabilitation: Exploiting CBM to Support Memory Training 

      MITROVIC, Antonija; MATHEWS, Moffat; OHLSSON, Stellan; HOLLAND, Jay; MCKINLAY, Audrey; OGDEN, Scott; BRACEGIRDLE, Anthony; DOPPING-HEPENSTAL, Sam (University of Canterbury, 2014)
      Constraint-Based Modeling (CBM) is an effective student modeling approach which has been used successfully in a wide range of instructional domains. Within the Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group (ICTG), we have developed ...
    • Fry’s 

      Bartneck, C. (De-Bug, 1998)
    • Fuel consumption of timber harvesting systems in New Zealand 

      Oyier, Paul Okanda (University of Canterbury, 2015)
      Fuel is a major cost in logging and is also relied on by logging contractors in New Zealand to adjust unit logging rates in dollars per cubic metres ($/m3). There is however, no benchmark on fuel consumption rates in litre ...
    • Fuel consumption of timber harvesting systems in New Zealand 

      Oyier P; Visser RJM (2016)
      Fuel is a major cost in timber harvesting operations. Changes in fuel cost are also typically used by forestry companies in New Zealand to adjust unit harvesting rates. There is however no benchmark on fuel consumption rates ...
    • Fuel moisture and development of ignition and fire spread thresholds in gorse (Ulex europaeus) 

      Anderson, Stuart Alexander James (University of Canterbury. Forestry, 2009)
      Shrub fuels are capable of extreme fire behaviour under conditions that are often moderate in other fuels. There is also a narrow range of conditions that determine fire success in these fuels, below which fires may ignite ...
    • Fuel Retail Management System 

      Page, S.; Rendall, S.; Krumdieck, S. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering., 2008)
      What will happen when transport fuel supply falls short of demand? If you are a Mechanical Engineer, this is an ideal innovation space, an important situation where a solution does not yet exist. Our conceptgeneration, ...
    • Full chess retrieval 

      McKenzie, Peter (University of Canterbury, 1994)
      Most chess programs utilise simple memory-based techniques that compliment the brute force search. These techniques utilise stored positions to increase program performance. The ability to efficiently store and retrieve ...
    • Full Residential-Scale Backdraft 

      Bollinger, Ivan (University of Canterbury. Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 1995)
      This project focused on the effects of scale on the backdraft phenomena. A full residential-scale compartment was constructed using a shipping container. An extensive amount of time and effort was taken, in order to design ...
    • Full scale experiment on foam bitumen pavements in CAPTIF accelerated testing facility 

      Gonzalez, A.; Cubrinovski, M.; Pidwerbesky, B.; Alabaster, D. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2009)
      Foam bitumen stabilization is a viable alternative for reducing aggregate consumption in New Zealand. An accelerated full-scale experiment on foam bitumen pavements was conducted in the Canterbury Accelerated Pavement ...
    • Full Scale Limited Ventilation Fireroom Fire Experiments 

      Millar, Darin John (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 1995)
      The purpose of this project was to investigate the conditions that exist in a typical residential compartment fire when subject to limited ventilation. Emphasis was on the conditions that leads to a backdraft from natural ...