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    • Reducing beam hardening effects and metal artefacts in spectral CT using Medipix3RX 

      Rajendran, K; Walsh, M. F.; de Ruiter, N. J. A.; Chernoglazov, A. I.; Panta, R. K.; Butler, P. H.; Bell, S. T.; Woodfield, T. B. F.; Tredinnick, J.; Healy, J. L.; Bateman, C. J.; Aamir, R.; Doesburg, R. M. N.; Renaud, P. F.; Gieseg, S. P.; Smithies, D. J.; Mohr, J. L.; Mandalika, V. B. H.; Opie, A. M. T.; Cook, N. J.; Ronaldson, J. P.; Nik, S. J.; Atharifard, A.; Clyne, M.; Bones, P. J.; Bartneck, C.; Grasset, R.; Schleich, N.; Billinghurst, M.; Butler, A. P. H.; Anderson, N. G. (2013-11-21)
      Studies on beam hardening and metal artefact reduction using Medipix All Resolution System (MARS) spectral scanner were carried out. Four datasets are provided - titanium phantom, titanium scaffold, magnesium scaffold and ...