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    • Formaldehyde in the Tropical Western Pacific: Chemical Sources and Sinks, Convective Transport, and Representation in CAM-Chem and the CCMI Models 

      Anderson DC; Nicely JM; Wolfe GM; Hanisco TF; Salawitch RJ; Canty TP; Dickerson RR; Apel EC; Baidar S; Bannan TJ; Blake NJ; Chen D; Dix B; Fernandez RP; Hall SR; Hornbrook RS; Gregory Huey L; Josse B; Jöckel P; Kinnison DE; Koenig TK; Le Breton M; Marécal V; Morgenstern O; Oman LD; Pan LL; Percival C; Plummer D; Revell LE; Rozanov E; Saiz-Lopez A; Stenke A; Sudo K; Tilmes S; Ullmann K; Volkamer R; Weinheimer AJ; Zeng G (2017)
      ©2017. American Geophysical Union. All Rights Reserved. Formaldehyde (HCHO) directly affects the atmospheric oxidative capacity through its effects on HO x . In remote marine environments, such as the tropical western ...