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    • Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources 

      Jack, Gareth (University of Canterbury, 2007)
      CCAMLR is an intergovernmental convention that came into force in 1982; it was established mainly in response to concerns that an increase in fishing of commercial species in the Southern Ocean could have a serious effect ...
    • Defining and Valuing Wilderness in Antarctica 

      Hunter, Anne; Ellis, Jane; Ridley, Tim; Jack, Gareth (2007)
      Wilderness is a difficult term to define as it is a subjective concept. This paper uses three paradigms as a framework for discussing wilderness in general, and the Antarctic wilderness in particular. It looks at the ...
    • Hydroponic Food Production at Scott Base 

      Jack, Gareth (2007)
      Originally, this study was intended to review material that Antarctica New Zealand held concerning its abandoned hydroponics system. After the review, suggestions were to be made on implementations that could overcome ...