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    • Femtosecond X-ray coherent diffraction of aligned amyloid fibrils on low background grapheme 

      Seuring C; Ayyer K; Filippaki E; Barthelmess M; Longchamp JN; Ringler P; Pardini T; Wojtas DH; Coleman MA; Dörner K; Fuglerud S; Hammarin G; Habenstein B; Langkilde AE; Loquet A; Meents A; Riek R; Stahlberg H; Boutet S; Hunter MS; Koglin J; Liang M; Ginn HM; Millane RP; Frank M; Barty A; Chapman HN (2018)
      © 2018 The Author(s). Here we present a new approach to diffraction imaging of amyloid fibrils, combining a free-standing graphene support and single nanofocused X-ray pulses of femtosecond duration from an X-ray free-electron ...