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    • Analysing the effects of cold, normal, and warm digits on transmittance pulse oximetry 

      Khan, M.; Pretty, C.G.; Amies, A.C.; Elliott, R.; Chiew, Y.S.; Shaw, G.M.; Chase, J.G. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2016)
      Non-invasive estimation of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate using pulse oximeters is widely used in hospitals. Pulse oximeters rely on photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals from a peripherally placed optical ...
    • First Experiments in Surface Based Mechanical Property Reconstruction of Gelatine Phantoms 

      Peters, A.; Wortmann, S.; Elliott, R.; Staiger, M.; Chase, J.G.; Van Houten, E.E.W. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering., 2005)
      Digital Image-based Elasto-Tomography (DIET) is a novel surface-based elasticity reconstruction method for determining the elastic property distribution within the breast. Following on from proof of concept simulation ...