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    • Effect of Partial Saturation on Liquefaction Triggering 

      Baki, M.A; Cubrinovski, M; Stringer, Mark (Quake CoRE, 2016)
      To correlate liquefaction resistance with degree of saturation for characteristics Christchurch soils including sands with fines and silts.  To incorporate the effects of saturation in simplified procedures for liquefaction ...
    • Evaluation of Undisturbed Sampling Techniques for Pumiceous Soils 

      Stringer, Mark; Orense, R.; Cubrinovski, M; Pender, M.; Asadi, M. (Quake CoRE, 2016)
      Soils containing pumice or volcanic ash are found across much of the North Island. In some cases, these soils are encountered in their original depositional state while in others they have been transported and redeposited ...
    • Liquefaction triggering of Christchurch sandy soils during earthquakes 

      Taylor, M.L.; Cubrinovski, M; Bradley, B.A (2015)
      The empirical liquefaction triggering chart of Idriss and Boulanger (2008) is compared to direct measurements of the cyclic resistance of Christchurch silty sands via undisturbed and reconstituted lab specimens. Comparisons ...