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    • A linguistic theory of timing 

      Cunningham, U (University of Canterbury. School of Teacher Education, 1986)
    • A model-based clinical biomarker for sepsis diagnosis in critical care patients. 

      Parente, Jacquelyn Dawn (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2015)
      Sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock are stages of a medical emergency characterised by an intensifying whole-body immune response to infection leading to organ dysfunction, shock, and ultimately death. Importantly, ...
    • A Study of the Geelong Local Learning and Employment Network 

      Kamp, A. (University of Canterbury. School of Educational Studies and Leadership, 2006)
    • Ab initio studies of strained ring molecules 

      Thorpe, Aaron J. (University of Canterbury. Department of Chemistry, 1999)
      The work reported in this thesis concerns the acid catalysed rearrangement of epoxides in the presence and absence of intramolecular nucleophiles. The potential energy surface (MP2/6-31G*//MP2/6-31G* and B3LYP/6-31G*) for ...
    • ABC on Deals 

      Dufwenberg, M.; Servatka, M.; Vadovic, R. (University of CanterburyUniversity of Canterbury. Department of Economics and Finance, 2012)
      We develop, and experimentally test, a behavioral model of deal­making which includes binding contracts and informal agreements as distinct but related special cases. The key assumptions: people are mostly honest; they ...
    • Abiotic Methane Formation at the Dun Mountain Ophiolite, New Zealand 

      Pawson, Joanna Frances (University of Canterbury. Geological Sciences, 2015)
      The production of hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) related to olivine hydration (i.e. serpentinization) is considered a major contributor to abiotic hydrocarbon synthesis on Earth. Recent discoveries have highlighted the ...
    • Above and Below Ground Assessment of Pinus Radiata 

      McQuillan, Shane (University of Canterbury. School of Forestry, 2013)
      A comparison of above ground forest metrics with below ground soil CO₂ respiration was carried out in an attempt to reveal if any correlations exist. Above ground measurements of 2720 clonally propagated trees were taken ...
    • Abridging the Tyranny of Distance: European Union and New Zealand Security Cultures in the Asia Pacific Region 

      Hollis, Simon John (University of Canterbury. National Centre for Research on Europe, 2007)
      The rise in prominence of transregional security threats has heightened an awareness for an interdependent outlook on security threats, often requiring regional solutions to insure stability. The Asia Pacific security ...
    • Absorbance Modulation Optical Lithography: Simulating the Performance of an Adaptable Absorbance Mask in the Near-Field. 

      Foulkes, John Edward (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2010)
      The challenge for lithography today is to continue the reduction of feature size whilst facing severe theoretical and practical limitations. In 2006 Rajesh Menon and Hank Smith proposed a new lithography system named ...
    • The absorption spectra of lead halides in water-methanol mixtures and the dissociation constants of intermediate ions. 

      Panckhurst, M. H. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry, 1953)
      Garrels and Gucker have discussed the deviation of the behaviour of lead chloride solutions from that of a strong electrolyte in terms of both of the Gronwall-La Mer-Sandved extension of the Dbye-Huckel theory and of ...
    • The abstinence violation effect in child molesters 

      Ward, Anthony Brian Patrick (University of Canterbury. Psychology, 1992)
      The Relapse Prevention (RP) approach to the treatment of addictive disorders (Marlatt & Gordon, 1985) and the model of the relapse process underlying it, is described and critically analysed. Its application to the treatment ...
    • Abstractions in data base system architecture 

      Ridwan, M. M. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science, 1979)
      Levels of abstraction in data base system architecture are investigated. A diagrammatic representation of abstract machines in a data base system is presented. Two major levels in a coexistence architecture: the data ...
    • “The Abuse of Power and Indiscretion": Identity, Mourning and Control in the Work of Sophie Calle. 

      Thorn, Sophie Alexandra (University of Canterbury. School of Humanities, 2010)
      At the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007, French artist, Sophie Calle presented for public consumption a starkly simple yet elegant work entitled Pas Pu Saisir La Mort. The work was not only a comprehensive investigation of ...
    • AC High Potential Testing of Large Hydro-Generator Stators Using Open Core Transformers 

      Bendre, V.D.; Bell, S.; Enright, W.; Bodger, P.S. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering., 2007)
      When generator stators are rewound or undergo major repairs, there is often a desire to perform a high potential test. These tests can be completed using d.c., very low frequency or a.c. power frequency test voltages. A.c. ...
    • An AC Loss Model for Bi2223 Superconductors in Partial Core Transformers 

      Lapthorn, A.; Bodger, P. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2010)
      This paper presents a modelling technique for calculating the ac losses for a high temperature superconducting partial core transformer using Bi2223 superconducting tape. The model is a function of the current in the ...
    • Academic Dystopia: Knowledge, performativity and tertiary education 

      Roberts, P. (University of Canterbury. School of Educational Studies and Human Development, 2011)
    • Academic Dystopia: Knowledge, Performativity and Tertiary Education 

      Roberts, P. (University of Canterbury. School of Educational Studies and Leadership, 2013)
      This will be my task in the present article. I examine developments in tertiary education and research policy in New Zealand, paying particular attention to the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) as an example of ...
    • Academy progamme [i.e. programme] initiatives : a new beginning? 

      Galt, Natasha (University of Canterbury. School of Educational Studies and Human Development, 2000)
    • Accelerating cosmologies from compactification with a twist 

      Neupane, I.P.; Wiltshire, D.L. (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2005)
      It is demonstrated by explicit solutions of the 4+n–dimensional vacuum Einstein equations that accelerating cosmologies in the Einstein conformal frame can be obtained by a time–dependent compactification of string/M–theory, ...
    • Acceleration and optical interferometry 

      Neutze, Richard (University of Canterbury. Physics, 1995)
      The influence of acceleration on a number of physical systems is examined. We present a full relativistic treatment of a simple harmonic oscillator with relativistic velocities. The line element for Schwarzschild geometry ...