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    • R Coronae Borealis stars : characteristics of their decline phase 

      Skuljan, Ljiljana (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2001)
      R Coronae Borealis (RCB) stars belong to a rare class of variable stars characterized by sudden and unpredictable declines, which are believed to be caused by dust cloud obscuration. In spite of the fact that these stars ...
    • Race relations in New Zealand Through an Analysis of Broadsheet Magazine 1972-1989 

      Hayes, Kimberley (University of Canterbury. History, 2013)
      This research essay addresses race relations within the context of New Zealand second wave feminism, 1972-1989. The 1970s and 1980s are decades recognised for the increased tension in the relationship between Maori and ...
    • Radial Basis Functions Applied to Integral Interpolation, Piecewise Surface Reconstruction and Animation Control 

      Langton, Michael Keith (University of Canterbury. Mathematics and Statistics, 2009)
      This thesis describes theory and algorithms for use with Radial Basis Functions (RBFs), emphasising techniques motivated by three particular application areas. In Part I, we apply RBFs to the problem of interpolating ...
    • Radial Tchebichef Invariants for Pattern Recognition 

      Mukundan, R. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering., 2005)
      This paper presents the mathematical framework of radial Tchebichef moment invariants, and investigates their feature representation capabilities for pattern recognition applications. The radial Tchebichef moments are ...
    • A Radially Laminated Core for Partial Core Transformers 

      Lapthorn, A.C.; Keenan, K. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2015)
      There are a number of areas of research for transformers at present which are focussed on reducing the losses in transformer cores as well as the steel weight. One way to reduce core losses is to remove the core altogether ...
    • Radiant Ignition of New Zealand Upholstered Furniture Composites 

      Chen, Flora F (University of Canterbury. Civil Engineering, 2001)
      This experimental research evaluates the radiant ignitability of New Zealand upholstered furniture composites using the ISO Ignitability Test (ISO5657). It is a part of a larger research project on the combustion of domestic ...
    • Radiata pine forestry returns under the ETS, and potential impacts on land use change 

      Evison, D.C. (University of Canterbury. School of Forestry, 2009)
      Recent trends in land use returns, and drivers of forestry land use-change. Potential impact of the ETS on land-use change involving forestry.
    • Radiata pine wood anatomy structure and biophysical properties 

      Hsu, Ching Yi (University of Canterbury. Forestry, 2003)
      Several important characteristics such as density, acoustic velocity, modulus of elasticity and tracheid dimensions are examined in stemwood, branchwood and rootwood in young (age 3 and 7) Pinus radiata. Stemwood air-dry ...
    • Radiation Dosimetry of Irregularly Shaped Objects 

      Griffin, Jonathan Alexander (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2006)
      Electron beam therapy planning and custom electron bolus design were identified as areas in which improvements in equipment and techniques could lead to significant improvements in treatment delivery and patient outcomes. ...
    • The radiation impedance of a rectangular panel 

      Davy, J.L.; Larner, D.J.; Wareing, R.R.; Pearse, J.R. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2015)
      This paper extends the definition of the one sided radiation impedance of a panel mounted in an infinite rigid baffle which was previously used by the authors so that it can be applied to all transverse velocity wave ...
    • Radio "magic": Women, culture and community access broadcasting 

      Jeffrey, Rowan Mary (University of Canterbury. Gender Studies, 2004)
      This research is a case study of the participation of women at Plains FM 96.9, one of eleven non-profit, community owned and operated community access radio stations in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Located in Christchurch city, ...
    • Radio noise fields of corona on power lines 

      Hong, Hai (University of Canterbury. Electrical Engineering, 1968)
      This study is concerned primarily with the theoretical analysis of radio interference from high voltage transmission lines. In particular it examines the relation between the far and near fields of radio noise emanating ...
    • Radio Quake: Broadcasting in Post-Quake Christchurch 

      Joyce, Z. (University of Canterbury. School of Language, Social and Political SciencesUniversity of Canterbury. Media and Communications, 2013)
      The Civil Defense understanding of the role of radio in disaster tends to focus on its value in providing essential information during and after the event. However this role is compromised when a station’s premises are ...
    • Radio-meteor investigations of atmospheric motion 

      Poulter, E. M. (University of Canterbury. Physics, 1978)
      A coherent pulse radar has been addressed to the problem of tracking drifting meteor trains to deduce neutral atmosphere velocities in the height range 80 to 110 km. The present work describes the principles of operation, ...
    • Radioluminescence of NaMgF₃ : characterisation for radiotherapy. 

      Donaldson, Jethro (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      This study seeks to evaluate doped synthetic NaMgF₃ as a luminescence material for applications in radiotherapy dosimetry. Two largely independent investigations were undertaken: a basic radiotherapy characterisation of ...
    • RadioQuake: Getting back 'on air' after the Christchurch earthquakes 

      Joyce Z (2015)
      Local independent radio stations in Christchurch, New Zealand, had their operations severely disrupted by major earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011. This article examines the experiences of three radio stations ...
    • Rainbow families and early years teachers: Planning for participation, diversity and respect. 

      Gunn, A.C. (University of Canterbury. School of Educational Studies and Human Development., 2005)
      A cornerstone of early years teachers’ work is their ability to develop partnerships with diverse families which are beneficial to young children’s educational experiences. But just acknowledging that partnerships are ...
    • Rainfall induced shallow landslides on sandy soil and impacts on sediment discharge: A flume based investigation 

      Acharya, G.; Cochrane, T.A. (University of Canterbury. Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, 2008)
      The impact of rainfall induced shallow landslides on hillslope sediment discharge is not well understood. The aim of the research was to investigate how varying soil profile depth affects the location and occurrence ...
    • Raising our voices : restorying Pasifika inclusion, success and effective learning supports at the University of Canterbury 

      O’Halloran, Danielle Louise (University of Canterbury, 2015)
      Pasifika students’ stories of inclusion, success and effective learning supports at the University of Canterbury are positioned to critically restory dominant narratives. In prioritising Pasifika students’ voices, the ...
    • Raising pigs and children in the European Union and New Zealand: A Comparative Legal Approach on Work-Family balance 

      Masselot, A. (University of Canterbury. Department of Accounting and Information Systems, 2016)