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    • J-Latte: a Constraint-Based Tutor for Java 

      Holland, J.; Mitrovic, A.; Martin, B. (University of Canterbury. Computer Science and Software Engineering, 2009)
      We present J-LATTE, a constraint-based intelligent tutoring system that teaches a subset of the Java programming language. J-LATTE supports two modes: concept mode, in which the student designs the program without having ...
    • Jack McCullough : workers' representative on the Arbitration Court 

      Nolan, Melanie (University of Canterbury, 1985)
      This biography of Jack McCullough is also the chronicle of the Canterbury Trades and Labour Council coterie he helped to organize at the turn of the century. This group of class conscious unionists attempted to persuade ...
    • The Jahn-Teller effect in magneto-optical spectroscopy of axial radicals. 

      Taylor, Kirsten Clare Lake (University of Canterbury. Chemistry, 2000)
      A model has been developed to describe the effects of the Jahn-Teller (JT) effect on the magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) and absorption spectra of axial molecules. It treats spin-orbit and Jahn-Teller coupling on equal ...
    • James K. Baxter's Indian Poems 

      Millar, P. (University of Canterbury. School of HumanitiesUniversity of Canterbury. English, 2007)
      A critical study of James K. Baxter's published and unpublished poems from his trip to Asia in the late 1950s.
    • James McLauchlan Nairn : the New Zealand years 

      Hearnshaw, Victoria (University of Canterbury. Art History, 1992)
      The subject of this thesis is the New Zealand years of Scottish-born artist James McLauchlan Nairn (1859-1904) who arrived in New Zealand in January 1890. At the time of his death in February 1904, Nairn was described by ...
    • Jane Crow White Women’s Complicity and the Domestic Battlefront During the Civil Rights Era. 

      McLaughlin, Natasha (University of Canterbury. History, 2014)
      The American Civil Rights Movement redresses one of the great injustices in American history: the racial inequality faced by African‐Americans. However, the dominant understanding of the challenge to racial injustice is ...
    • The Janus problem : a search for patterns in the life and fiction of Dame Ngaio Marsh. 

      Harding, Bruce (University of Canterbury. Department of English, 1979)
      This thesis, as its title implies, seeks to understand the life and work of Ngaio Marsh, particularly as this concerns her writing. Chapter One deals briefly with the relevant biographical material, much of which is ...
    • The Japanese Migrant Community in Christchurch: The Quest for New Values and Identity 

      Kuragasaki-Laughton, Ayami (University of Canterbury. History, 2007)
      Until the 1980s, there was no Japanese community in Christchurch, but only a small number of individuals living mainly amongst European New Zealanders. However, from the mid-1980s changes in New Zealand's immigration ...
    • Jean-Paul Sartre : theoricien et critique de la litterature 

      Kerr, Roger L. (University of Canterbury. French, 1966)
      La critique est toujours étroitement liée aux conceptions littéraires de son temps. Il existe toujours, entre celles ci et celle –là des influences réciproques. Evidemment, l’écrivain est souvent aussi un critique: c’est ...
    • Jean-Paul Sartre : theoricien et critique de la litterature. 

      Kerr, Roger (University of Canterbury. Department of French, 1966)
    • Jewish-Christian encounters, suicide and transitory spaces in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and Trollope’s Nina Balatka 

      Mondry, Henrietta (University of Canterbury, 2019)
      Two nineteenth-century novelists, Dostoevsky and Trollope, in novels written in the same year 1866/67, chose liminal spaces for suicides. In Crime and Punishment Raskolnikov contemplates suicide by throwing himself off a ...
    • Jews, monks and martyred children : the development of ritual murder narratives in twelfth and thirteenth-century England. 

      Smith, Hannah (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      This thesis will explore the emergence and development of the narrative that Jews ritually killed Christian children in twelfth and thirteenth century England. The role that these accusations played in ‘demonising’ Jews ...
    • Job Insecurity and its Antecedents 

      Blackmore, Caroline Virginia (University of Canterbury. Psychology, 2011)
      The current research aimed to develop a deeper understanding of the antecedents of job insecurity, and specifically focused on the perceived job insecurity; importance and probability of events likely to affect one’s total ...
    • Job insecurity and trust: Uncovering a mechanism linking job insecurity to well-being 

      Richter A; Näswall K (Informa UK Limited, 2019)
      © 2018, © 2018 The Author(s). Published by Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group. Job insecurity has well-documented negative effects for individuals as well as organisations. However, the mechanisms by ...
    • Jobs for Kids: networking and learning for youth within one regional economy in Victoria, Australia. 

      Kamp, A. (University of Canterbury. School of Educational Studies and Leadership, 2011)
      In this paper I present some of the insights generated by ethnographic longitudinal research into regional learning networks focused on education, training and employment for youth that were instituted by the State government ...
    • John A. Lee, 1891 – 1982 

      Smithies, J. (University of Canterbury. School of Humanities and Creative ArtsUniversity of Canterbury. Philosophy, 2004)
    • John Cassavetes: At the Limits of Performance 

      Towart, Luke Ward (University of Canterbury. Humanities and Creative Arts, 2014)
      This thesis examines the central role of performance in three of the films of John Cassavetes. I identify Cassavetes’ unique approach to performance and analyze its development in A Woman Under the Influence (1974), Shadows ...
    • John George Russell and His Impact on New Zealand Tax Jurisprudence: An Investigative Analysis 

      Hodson, Alistair Graham (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 2013)
      Mr John George Russell holds a special place in New Zealand’s relatively brief tax history. He is a person who has challenged Inland Revenue’s authority and the taxing statutes more than any other individual. If Mr Russell ...
    • Joint Constraints on Galactic Diffuse Neutrino Emission from the ANTARES and IceCube Neutrino Telescopes 

      Albert A; André M; Anghinolfi M; Ardid M; Aubert JJ; Aublin J; Avgitas T; Baret B; Barrios-Martí J; Basa S; Belhorma B; Bertin V; Biagi S; Bormuth R; Boumaaza J; Bourret S; Bouwhuis MC; Brânzaş H; Bruijn R; Brunner J; Busto J; Capone A; Caramete L; Carr J; Celli S; Chabab M; El Moursli RC; Chiarusi T; Circella M; Coelho JAB; Coleiro A; Colomer M; Coniglione R; Costantini H; Coyle P; Creusot A; Díaz AF; Deschamps A; Distefano C; Palma ID; Domi A; Donzaud C; Dornic D; Drouhin D; Eberl T; Bojaddaini IE; Khayati NE; Elsässer D; Enzenhöfer A; Ettahiri A; Fassi F; Felis I; Fermani P; Ferrara G; Fusco L; Gay P; Glotin H; Grégoire T; Ruiz RG; Graf K; Hallmann S; Haren HV; Heijboer AJ; Hello Y; Hernández-Rey JJ; Hößl J; Hofestädt J; Illuminati G; James CW; Jong MD; Jongen M; Kadler M; Kalekin O; Katz U; Khan-Chowdhury NR; Kouchner A; Kreter M; Kreykenbohm I; Kulikovskiy V; Lachaud C; Lahmann R; Lefèvre D; Aartsen MG; IceCube Collaboration (2018)
      © 2018. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. The existence of diffuse Galactic neutrino production is expected from cosmic-ray interactions with Galactic gas and radiation fields. Thus, neutrinos are a ...