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    • Optoelectrical studies of ZnO 

      Hensler, Martin Josef Hermann (University of Canterbury. Physics and Astronomy, 2009)
      The temperature dependence of the band structure of ZnO has been studied on epitaxial films and bulk crystals with the methods of temperature dependent photoluminescence, photoconductivity, reflectivity and transmission ...
    • Optogenetic manipulation of freely moving C. elegans in an elastomeric environment mimicking and force-measuring chip 

      Qiu, Z.; Tu, L.; Xue, X.; Zhu, T.; Nock, V.; Li, Y.; Liu, X.; Wang, W. (University of Canterbury. Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Canterbury. Biomolecular Interaction Centre, 2014)
      This paper presents integration of optogenetic illumination of C. elegans neural circuits and muscular force measurement in a structured microfluidic chip mimicking the C. elegans soil habitat. The integrated system deploys ...
    • Oral Health Literacy of Parents of Pre-Schoolers in New Zealand 

      Senthil, A.; Kirk, R. (University of Canterbury. School of Health Sciences, 2013)
      Background. The aim of this project was to find the level of oral health literacy of parents of pre-school age children regarding their child's oral health. The primary objective was to improve the oral health status of ...
    • Oral Health Literacy of Parents of Preschoolers 

      Veerasamy, Arthi (University of Canterbury. Health Sciences, 2010)
      Aim: The aim of this project was to find the level of oral health literacy of parents of preschool age children regarding their child’s oral health. The primary objective was to improve the oral health status of preschoolers ...
    • Oral language and literacy : teachers’ phonological awareness knowledge and effective classroom practices. 

      Carroll, Jane Lyndsey Drummond (University of Canterbury, 2016)
      International research into literacy acquisition makes evident that the large inequity of literacy outcomes, even in wealthy countries, continues, despite heavy investment in raising achievement for all children (United ...
    • Orbital characteristics of meteoroids 

      Steel, Duncan (University of Canterbury, 1984)
      The bulk of meteoroidal particles follow pseudo-random orbits and are termed sporadic meteoroids. These are thought to be derived from the correlated streams of particles released by comets, although the mechanisms ...
    • Orbital control and selectivity in addition reactions 

      McDonald, Dugald Quentin (University of Canterbury. Chemistry, 1991)
      Several topics which are relevant to the results and methods in this thesis are examined in Part I. Recent developments in the application of molecular orbital theory to the Diels-Alder reaction and the history and development ...
    • Orbital interactions in cyclic molecules 

      Whittington, B. I. (University of Canterbury. Chemistry, 1988)
      Reaction of endo-tricyclo[²,⁴]octane (oct-6-ene), 2-methyl-endo-tricyclo[²,⁴]octane (oct-6-ene) and exo-tricyclo[²,⁴]octane (oct-6-ene) with selected electrophiles are examined. Electrophilic attack ...
    • Order from Chaos? Tribunal Reform in New Zealand 

      Hopkins, W.J. (University of Canterbury. School of Law, 2009)
      In November 2006, the New Zealand Law Commission and the Ministry of Justice launched a joint program of tribunal reform in New Zealand. The aim of the project was to ‘provide a final report on the issues involved in ...
    • Order! Order!: an investigation into the phraseology of question time in the Australian and New Zealand houses of representatives 

      Loginova, Irina (University of Canterbury. School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, 2013)
      Question Time is a distinctive daily parliamentary routine. Its aim is to hold Ministers of the State accountable for the actions and decisions of the Government. However, in many Parliaments, including the New Zealand ...
    • Ordinal and convex assumptions in phylogenetic tree reconstruction 

      Candy, Robin (University of Canterbury. School of Mathematics and Statistics, 2014)
      Phylogenetics is a field primarily concerned with the reconstruction of the evolutionary history of present day species. Evolutionary history is often modeled by a phylogenetic tree, similar to a family tree. To recreate ...
    • The Oresteia of Aeschylus - Agamemnon 

      Bond, Robin (2015-06-12)
      Verse translation of Aeschylus' Agamemnon
    • The Oresteia of Aeschylus - Eumenides 

      Bond, Robin (2015-06-12)
      Verse translation of Aeschylus' Eumenides
    • The Oresteia of Aeschylus - The Libation Bearers 

      Bond, Robin (2015-06-12)
      Verse translation of Aeschylus' Libation Bearers
    • Organ Failure and Tight Glycemic Control in the SPRINT Study 

      Chase, J.G.; Pretty, C.G.; Pfeifer, L.; Shaw, G.M.; Preiser, J-C.; Lin, J.; Hewett, D.; Moorhead, K.T.; Desaive, T.; LeCompte, A.J. (University of Canterbury. Mechanical Engineering, 2010)
      Introduction: Intensive care unit mortality is strongly associated with organ failure rate and severity. The sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) score is used to evaluate the impact of a successful tight glycemic ...
    • Organic acidity characterisation of AMD in the Section Six pit of Mt Tom Price Mine, Pilbara, Western Australia. 

      Hedley, Joanne (University of Canterbury. Geological Sciences, 2013)
      Temporal analyses of physical, geochemical and biological characteristics were used to define the acidity inconsistency issue identified in the Section Six (SSIX) pit of Mt Tom Price Mine, in the Pilbara region of Western ...
    • The Organic Composition of Big Mama 

      Worrell, Mark P.; Krier, Daniel (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      A century and a half after Marx’s Capital, a synthetic idea of post-revolutionary society remains to be completed. We note a disconnect between Marx’s brilliant dialectical analysis of the commodity and the prophesized ...
    • Organisation for disaster : the development of civil defence in New Zealand, 1959-1970 

      Rawlinson, Martin R. (University of Canterbury. Political Science, 1971)
      New Zealand's history is punctuated with the devastation wrought by nature. Yet, only within the last few years has the country possessed a permanent and comprehensive emergency organisation - civil defence - capable of ...
    • An organisation theory perspective on choice of franchising form 

      Floyd, Callum (University of Canterbury, 2001)
      This research addresses the issue of diversity of organisational forms in franchising, which despite its prevalence, is poorly understood. The research focuses on the choice between three categories, consisting of five ...
    • Organisational factors that influence participation in a wellbeing initiative 

      Mayes, Jordan (University of Canterbury, 2017)
      The workplace is a good setting through which health can be promoted. However, workplace health promotion requires employees participate for benefits to be realised. This study aimed to assess how organisational factors ...