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  • Wild triangles in 3-connected matroids 

    Oxley, J.; Semple, C.; Whittle, G. (University of Canterbury, 2006)
    Tutte's Triangle Lemma proves that if {a, b, c} is a triangle in a 3-connected matroid and neither M\a nor M\b is 3-connected, then M has a triad that contains a and exactly one of b and c. Hence {a, b, c} is contained in ...
  • Computing the minimum number of hybridisation events for a consistent evolutionary history 

    Bordewich, M.; Semple, C. (University of Canterbury, 2004)
    It is now well-documented that the structure of evolutionary relationships between a set of present-day species is not necessarily tree-like. The reason for this is that reticulation events such as hybridisations mean that ...
  • The structure of equivalent 3-separations in a 3-connected matroid 

    Hall, R.; Oxley, J.; Semple, C. (University of Canterbury, 2004)
    Let M be a matroid. When M is 2-connected, Cunningham and Edmonds gave a tree decomposition of M that displays all of its 2-separations. This result was extended by Oxley, Semple, and Whittle, who showed that, when M is ...
  • Using graphical modelling in official statistics 

    Penny, R. N.; Reale, M. (University of Canterbury, 2004)
    People using economic time series would like them to be available as soon as possible after the end of the reference period. However there can be difficulties in getting all the responses required to produce a series of ...
  • Counting consistent phylogenetic trees is #P-complete 

    Bordewich, M.; Semple, C.; Talbot, J. (University of Canterbury, 2003)
    Reconstructing phylogenetic trees is a fundamental task in evolutionary biology. Various algorithms exist for this purpose, many of which come under the heading of 'supertree methods'. These methods amalgamate a collection ...
  • A chain theorem for matroids 

    Oxley, J.; Semple, C.; Whittle, G. (University of Canterbury, 2006)
    Tutte's Wheels-and-Whirls Theorem proves that if M is a 3-connected matroid other than a wheel or a whirl, then M has a 3-connected minor N such that |E(M)| - |E(N)| = 1. Geelen and Whittle extended this theorem by showing ...
  • An Expert System for Loan Decisions 

    Ang, L. (University of Canterbury, 1987)
    For more than 20 years, scientists working in the field of Artificial Intelligence have been developing computer programs that could solve problems in a way that would be considered intelligent if done by a human. At ...
  • A survey of a database design technique 

    Neil, S. (University of Canterbury, 1988)
    This project is primarily concerned with the area of Database schema design methods. It is split into two main parts: the first is concerned with an academic investigation of the diagramming technique, and the second ...
  • A QUEL-to-SQL data manipulation language translator 

    Webb, J. H. (University of Canterbury, 1988)
  • X.25 protocol analyser 

    Daniell, C. S. (University of Canterbury, 1989)
    The aim of this project was to produce a tool to aid with the statistical analysis of the data flow on communications lines operating with the X.25 packet switching protocol.
  • Ecstasy : An Object Oriented Graphics System 

    Holling, K. (University of Canterbury, 1983)
    The purpose of this report is to describe the design and implementation of a simple two dimensional drawing system for use from within the Computer Science Department's DG SIMULA implementation. This includes a description ...
  • Performance of various BFGS and DFP implementations with limited precision second order information. 

    Byatt, David (University of Canterbury, 2003)
    This paper supports the claim that there is no discernible advantage in choosing factorised implementations (over non–factorised implementations) of BFGS methods when approximate Hessian information is available to full ...
  • A computer tool for structured analysis 

    Yee, P. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Computer Science, 1988)
    This report looks at the need for structured techniques and more, the need for computer implementations of these techniques. In particular I look at data flow diagrams (refer chapter 3), one of the most important analysis ...
  • APL for the Macintosh 

    Wilkinson, E. (University of Canterbury, 1986)
    This volume consists of three separate reports. Part One - Project Report: The project report is written as a chronological account of my work on porting APL to the Macintosh. It explains the main difficulties which I ...
  • A BASIC translator 

    Dear, S. (University of Canterbury. Dept. of Computer Science, 1987)
    This project involves writing a translator that will convert a program written in a BASIC-like language into an intermediate code form. The translated programs are to be run on an SDR2. Programs will be developed on a ...
  • Systematic vertical ground motion observations in the Canterbury earthquakes 

    Bullock, Zach; Bradley, Brendon A. (University of Canterbury, 2016)
    The 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence was extremely damaging to structures in Christchurch and continues to have a large economic and social impact on the city and surrounding regions. In addition to strong ground ...
  • Replacing cliques by stars in quasi-media graphs 

    Huber, Katharina T.; Moulton, Vincent; Semple, Charles (University of Canterbury, 2002)
    For a multi-set ∑ of splits (bipartitions) of a finite set X, we introduce the multi-split graph G(∑). This graph Is a natural extension of the Buneman graph. Indeed, it is shown that several results pertaining to the ...
  • Hybrids in real time 

    Baroni, Mihaela; Semple, Charles; Steel, Mike (University of Canterbury, 2005)
    We describe some new and recent results that allow for the analysis and representation of reticulate evolution by non-tree networks. In particular we (1) present a simple result to show how there is always a well-defined ...
  • Credibility of the final results from quantitative stochastic simulation 

    Ewing, G.; McNickle, D.; Pawlikowski, K. (University of Canterbury, 1995)
    The credibility of estimated confidence intervals for mean values produced by quantitative stochastic simulation is considered. Basic rules of proper experimental studies of quality of such interval estimators is formulated ...
  • Computing the hybridization number is fixed-parameter tractable 

    Semple, Charles; Bordewich, Magnus (University of Canterbury, 2006)
    Reticulation processes in evolution mean that the ancestral history of certain groups of present-day species is non-tree-like. These processes include hybridization, lateral gene transfer, and recombination. Despite the ...

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